"Lippmann's debut is a terrific collection of short stories that mostly take place in or around New York...These stories clearly reveal Lippmann's talent, and indicate a bright future ahead." - Publishers Weekly


"The writing is so superb I want to recommend this book to teachers of short fiction. But really, it’s about damned good storytelling. It’s a book for readers, first and foremost." - The Lit Pub


Doll Palace called "smart, tehnically accomplished fiction" by Kirkus Reviews


"Lippmann’s stories are well-crafted and tight, some so short they might qualify as micro-fiction. Lippmann’s voice is distinctive for her sparse and straightforward style, which ties together a collection with a roving cast of characters...All of the stories are propelled by a forward momentum, and the stories are more likely to end on an action, rather than a image, or a moment of contemplation." Bustle Magazine


"The narratives here are vividly framed and spiked with surprising moments of wisdom." - Brown Alumni Magazine


"The stories found in Sara Lippmann‘s collection Doll Palace are concise and dizzying, showcasing memorably wrenching scenes from numerous lives in the span of a few pages." - Tobias Carroll, Vol. 1 Brooklyn


"[Lippmann] is both unpredictable and exciting, and succeeds in building believable characters through a perspective that feels unique. " - The Masters Review


Megan Martin at Heavy Feather Review: "In her debut collection of short stories, Doll Palace (Dock Street Press, forthcoming), Sara Lippmann unflinchingly and unrelentingly renders the darkness of modern human existence: our isolation, loneliness, and struggle to connect despite our alienation. "


"Lippmann is a rare phenomenon....Doll Palace is woven so skillfully that the movements from one room to the next, one character’s inner dialogue to the next is fluid and non-linear like memory." - Meg Tuite at Entropy


Leesa Cross-Smith at Sun Dog Lit “Lippmann is one of those authors who can get away with both seriousness and hilarity in the same sentence.” —Sundog Lit


Christy Crutchfield at the Small Press Book Review: “[Lippmann’s] stories lead us to perfect endings, often ominous and not quite clear endings that made me re-read the last page. Even the re-read was a pleasure.” —The Small Press Book Review


Robert Long Foreman at Monkeybicycle "Doll Palace is a widely varied collection whose variations do not fail to intrigue."


Christopher Allen at Necessary Fiction "Lippmann’s prose is a stellar example of contemporary realism."


Jody Hobbs Hesslr at PANK: "Every story in Sara Lippmann’s debut collection, Doll Palace, is a finely crafted, stark distillation of a different kind of loss, loneliness, or alienation."


Ashley Begley at JMWW: "Doll Palace serves as an urgent wake-up call, pestering us like a mosquito in the ear, until we have to stop and ask ourselves-what the hell are we doing?"


Preeti Singh of The Good Book Corner: "The stories haunt you long after you are done with them." 


"Masterful work." - writer and editor Kari Nguyen


"The accomplished prose, the haunting atmosphere and the emotional accuracy invite the reader to re-read this collection, and reflect on its stories." Ofi Press Magazine


"23 stories told with an incredibly strong and unique voice."- Alternating Current


"Lippmann’s ability to wring genuine surprise from the reader is her greatest gift." The Next Best Book Blog


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