Worlds collide over the course of one fevered upstate summer where the sale of a Sullivan County property is at stake. When Beth Barkman deserts her marriage to rent upstate with her young son, she forms an unlikely friendship with her aging landlord, Ira Lecher.


Meanwhile, local real estate agent Noreen Murphy's lust for a sale prevents her from helping her daughter, Paige, as she plots her escape, while a conflicted Hasidic son grapples with his own anvil of grief. The story of LECH unfolds against the backdrop of the former Borscht Belt in a timely, tireless exploration of all that traps us. From admired author Sara Lippmann, this haunting and hilarious debut explores the ways we prey upon each other, how we love and lose, what we carry and leave behind, and poses the perennial question: how do we keep going?

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