In a starred review from Publishers Weekly: "Lippmann packs a great deal into a single turn of phrase, balancing vulnerability and humor with luminescent prose. The compression and bursts of poignancy will remind readers of Kathy Fish and Amy Hempel."


"Visceral and rich with sensory detail, the stories swerve from humorous to cutting to irreverent." 

— Poets & Writers 

"The surprise of a Lippmann story—be it within the line, in a character's interiority, or in the story as a whole—means that every story feels as though it is thrumming with life. There is a lovely tension that is created between the vibrancy of the stories and the lives of the characters within the stories. Even though the characters in Jerks are often stuck in their lives, that sense of life, of possibility, of creation, runs throughout the collection, uniting the stories as one."

— Laura Spence-Ash, Ploughshares

"I favor stories that speak to how we fall short of what we want, that we get in our own way in achieving whatever might be, or have been possible, but that at times, much of the time, we also don't clearly see the limits that have been placed in front of us."

— Ben Tanzer, The Lit Reactor


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"Lippmann is a master of sharp detail and quick delivery... I laughed or snorted in almost equal measure. I loved these stories for their flavor, for their mixture of escape and reality, and for their double punch of pleasure and pain."

— Kathryn Ordiway, The Masters Review

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"You probably won’t love these characters, but you will see yourself in them," 

— Ian MacAllen, Chicago Review of Books

"There’s much to admire in these eighteen stories: the electric witty prose, the character depth achieved in mere pages, the way Lippmann tells expansive stories in such condensed form. In the heart and relatability of each story, we recognize our own fumbling desperations."

— Rachel León,  Necessary Fiction